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About Us

Business Philosophy

Our business objective is to provide quality products from global suppliers at competitive prices and lead times, minimizing the problems associated with cultural differences, time zones, and technical purchasing options such as warehousing and timed releases against blanket PO's.  We will work with our customers to determine the level of service or support that is required.  E-Cable Connections, Inc. is not limited to high volume requirements.  Our contacts are unique and encourage orders of any size.

Company History


​E-Cable Connections, Inc. is an outgrowth of Turner Design, Inc., a design consulting firm founded in 1977.

In 1995 we began to move beyond the design level to provide sourcing and assembly services for our customers.  In March of 2000 we developed contacts in Taiwan and China, expanding our ability to source globally, providing our customers a competitive price advantage for materials and services.  E-Cable Connections, Inc. was established as a USA contact to global sources, connecting a technical interface between suppliers and the end user.  All communication, commerce, design interpretation and tracking globally is handled through E-Cable Connections, Inc.

Technical Expertise

During our 25 plus years we have developed a strong expertise in product development, total box build capabilities, and global sourcing.  Our team is comprised of industrial, mechanical and electrical engineers and designers utilizing current product development software and techniques.  We can communicate all product details to our sourcing partners ensuring quality parts from prototype to production.  E-Cable Connections, Inc. is unique because of our total product involvement.


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